Cutting fuild RD-C592

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Product use: Diamond wire cutting for photovoltaic, semiconductor wafer, sapphire wafer and brittle hard material.

Product features: non-foaming formula system, high effective composition, ensuring the yield of silicon wafer, green and environmental protection, effectively removing metal ion pollution, efficient cooling and lubrication to reduce diamond wear and reduce wire consumption.


Product performance index

No. Item Technical parameters

1 Chemical composition Polyoxyethylene, surfactant, auxiliary

2 physical state milky white liquid, no irritating smell

3 specific gravity (25 ° C) 1.00 ± 0.10

4 PH value (5%) 5.00-7.00

5 viscosity (25 ° C) mpa. S 500±200

6 conductivity (5%) uscm ≤ 500

7 surface tension (5%) mNm ≤ 40

8 COD (1: 400) ppm ≤ 2000

9 mixing ratio pure water: coolant = 300 ~ 400: 1

10 packaging method 1KG / bottle, 10KG / barrel


Usage: According to the water injection amount and blending ratio of the slicer cooling cylinder, the measuring cup is taken with the corresponding amount of cutting liquid and poured into the cooling cylinder.


Note: slight precipitation does not affect the use, shake well before use;

Do not mix with other cutting fluids;

Store at 5C-40°C for six months.

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