Cutting fuild RD-C591

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Product use: Diamond wire cutting for photovoltaic, semiconductor wafer, sapphire wafer and brittle hard material.


Product performance indicators:

No. Item Technical parameters

1 Chemical composition Polyoxyethylene, surfactant, auxiliary

2 physical state translucent liquid, slightly pungent smell

3 specific gravity (25 ° C) 1.00 ± 0.10

4 PH value (5%) 7.00-9.00

5 viscosity (25 ° C) mpa. s ≤ 500

6 conductivity ms / cm ≤ 30

7 surface tension mN / m ≤ 40

8 COD (1: 400) ppm ≤ 500

9 mixing ratio pure water: coolant = 200 ~ 400: 1

10 packaging methods 1KG bottle, 10KG / barrel


Product features: low foam, low COD formula system, green and environmentally friendly, efficient cooling and lubrication of small diamond wear, reducing the consumption of wire.


Usage: According to the water injection amount and blending ratio of the slicer cooling cylinder, take the corresponding amount of cutting liquid in the measuring cup and pour the cooling red.


Note: slight precipitation does not affect the use, shake well before use; can not be mixed with other cutting fluid;

The 5C-40C is stored for six months.

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