Cutting fuild RD-C590-2-1

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 Product use: Diamond wire for photovoltaic, semiconductor wafer, sapphire wafer and brittle hard material

 Product performance index

 No. Item Technical parameters

 1 Chemical composition Polyoxyethylene vine, surfactant, auxiliary

 2 physical state light yellow liquid, weak hedgehog smell

 3 specific gravity (25 ° C) 1.00 ± 0.10

 4 PH value (5%) 7.00 ± 1.00

 5 viscosity (25 ° C) mpa. S 70 soil 20

 6 conductivity (5%) us / cm ≤ 500

 7 surface tension (5%) mN / m ≤ 40

 8 COD(1: 400) ppm ≤3000

 9 mixing ratio pure water: coolant = 400:1

 10 packaging methods 1KG bottle, 10KG / barrel


 Features: One-component cutting fluid, effective control of foam height, efficient cooling and lubrication to reduce diamond wear and reduce wire consumption.

 Usage: According to the water injection amount and blending ratio of the slicer cooling cylinder, the measuring cup is taken with the corresponding amount of cutting liquid, and poured into a cooling tank filled with pure water.

 Note: It can be used without any precipitation. Shake well before use; do not mix with other cutting fluids; store 5C-40C for six months.

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