One component adhesive(for steel plate) RD905

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 Product Usage:

 Suitable for cutting and grinding of photovoltaic, solar monocrystalline, polycrystalline, semiconductor, etc.

 The product that is applied to the wire cutting silicon rod is used for bonding between "iron plate + support plate", suitable for artificial

 And automated bonding process.


 Easy to operate, fast curing, easy to remove glue.


 Product performance index

 Serial number project technical parameters

 1 chemical composition acrylic resin

 2 color (visual) brown red liquid

 3 specific gravity 1.10 ± 0.10

 4 viscosity (25 ° CC / Pas) 300

 5 time (25 ° C) operating time 15, movable time 30S, running time 2h

 6 tensile strength (MPa) 16 ± 2

 7 degumming method boiling water 500s

 8 adhesive thickness (mm) is best between 0.05to0.07

 9 recommended dosage support plate length 700mm, about 30g

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