Resin beam

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Product use: provide support for diamond wire sawing.

 Serial No. Item Technical index
 1 Material synthetic resin,aluminium hydroxide
 2 Appearance Clean and smooth,no broken corner,scratch
 3 tolerance length±1mm、width±0.5mm、thickness±0.3mm
 4 Shore hardness(Dtype) 92±2
 5 roughness(Ra) ≤5um
 6 flatness 0.2—0.5mm
 7 density 1.0—1.1g/cm³
 8 Water absorption ≤0.50%
 9 strength of extension ≥23MPa
 10 Bending strength ≥40MPa
 11 resistance to acid and base adiaphoria


Product features:High hardness can effectively reduce the raw edge of silicon chip

 Customized according to customer requirements

 Store as required to prevent deformation

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