Plastic beam

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Serial No.ItemTechnical index
1Materialhigh-molecular polymer
2AppearanceClean and smooth,no broken corner,scratch

4Shore hardness(Dtype)85±5
8Water absorption≤0.50%
9strength of extension≥80MPa
10Bending strength≥80MPa
11resistance to acid and baseadiaphoria


Product features:Small shrinkage, better flatness and better dimensional stability

Very low water absorption, excellent moisture and permeability

Moderate toughness does not hurt diamond wire

It is not easy to damage, easy to transport, and has stable chemical properties

High quality and environmental protection

Product categories

Suitable for diamond wire cutting monocrystalline silicon rod (thickness of 10mm)

Suitable for diamond wire cutting polycrystalline silicon rod (thickness of 12mm)

Suitable for single component adhesive (thickness of 10 or 12mm)

Green environmental protection, shorten time, save wire, reduce edge

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